Prof. Dong Hwa Kim, Dept. of Instrumentation and Control Engineering, Hanbat National University, South Korea

Ph.D., Prof., Dong Hwa Kim has with title of Intelligence Control Based On Evolutionary Approach from TIT (Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan) respectively. He also studies for International Cooperation, Hallym Institute of Advanced International Studies.
He has many experiences in various areas Dean, Graduate school of Huree University,(Mongolia), Prof.,Hanbat National University(Korea), Associate fellow researcher, University Malaysia Sabah (Malaysia), Visiting Professor, Mechanical, Optic, Engineering Informatics, Budapest University of Technology and Economic, EU-FP7 (EU- Framework Programme) NCP (ICT) in Korea, Director, KNRF (Korea National Research Foundation), Visiting Prof., University of Alberta(Canada), Inviting Researcher, AECL (Atomic Energy Canada Lab., Canada), Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute, Korea-Hungary Joint Work ( 'Robot motion related topics of the ETOCOM project' Consultation with research staff members and giving related lectures), President, Daedeok Korea-India Forum (Korea), Vice President, Daedeok Korea-Japan Forum (Korea), Director of Science Culture Research Institute (Korea), Vice-president of the recognition board of the world congress of arts, sciences and communications, IBC (UK).
He has so many keynote speaks in many conference and University over the world for young people, over 100 times. He publishes research book (Tuning Innovation with Biotechnology (Pan stanford Publishing, 2017, ISBN 978-981-4745-55-2) and How to they educate for famous university from visiting all over the world, July 2017.
He has so many projects as Artificial intelligence or Emotion robot and its application.
He also has wards from various agencies and International Einstein Award for Scientific achievement, (UK).
He currently works as Professor and Director of Korea Expert Center in the TDT University.

Speech title: Emotional Robot and Artificial Intelligence

Abstract: Regarding the smart Tech. trend, it gives an impact to works in plan for research, education, S & Tech, strategy. Why we have to study in this area? It is good or not? We have to think about our status. This topic is my research experience. This lecture deals with emotional technology, emotional robot, and ICT, which developing speed of ICT is so fast and smart technology is growing up to apply in modern industry areas, especially robot. Therefore, some of them are going to introduce into ICT or robot. Especially, ICT and robots are becoming more and more ubiquitous in human environments. That is, emotion-inspired ICT and robot will deal with importance in a human environment, and also related works may be studied. So, at this point, emotion actuator based on Fusion of Soft Computing and Emotional function should be introduced into the research method and real control system such as, robot, ICT, design, and so on. Herein, we are going to introduce applications of these soft computing-based AIS (Artificial Intelligence Soft computing) from experience and how it will give an influence on robot area. Conclusion suggests many possible approaches and why it is important at this point to introduce emotion in industry and how we can obtain a good idea for emotion for that.

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